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Tree Surgery for Pulborough

Looking after Pulborough’s trees

Ben Aldrich Tree Services, tree surgeons for Pulborough,  are experts in seeing, capturing and maintaining the beauty in your trees by undertaking perfect pruning with a keen eye for detail. We are fully insured, fully qualified and with over 15 years of experience and countless happy customers. We specialise in large trees but can also manage your small trees too.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service we are proud of. We start every project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your needs, whether that’s a small garden tree reduction or a large tree removal.

Our Tree Surgery Services for Pulborough include

Tree Felling & Removal

Tree removals are taking a tree down to ground level. Although sometimes our customers like us to leave a stump as a feature. Most of the time a tree removal will involve climbing and dismantling in sections.

Crown Reductions

Reducing the crown of a tree is to cut back each branch to a suitable growth point which will reduce the overall size of the tree while maintaining its natural shape or a newer rounder shape if the tree happens to be uneven or one sided.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning will involve removing selected branches and growth within the crown, usually to allow more light to pass through the tree. but sometimes just for a tidy up.

Tree Safety Reports

We can offer a tree safety report service to assess the health of your trees, highlight any potential hazards and create a management plan to resolve them. Essential if members of the public have access to you land for both domestic and commercial

For tree surgery for Pulborough and surrounding areas
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Experts in felling and undertaking crown reductions and thinning with a keen eye for detail.

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We perform sustainable woodland management through to site clearance using low-impact forestry techniques.

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Professional tree stump removal using the most modern and efficient machinery to cause minimum ground disturbance.

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A broad range of site clearance, scrub removal and vegetation management services in West Sussex and surrounding areas

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